National Fruit Cake Day Shortbread

National Fruit Cake Day

  1. Financial Times reports Apple to host event in January
  2. Gizmodo's exhaustive guide to Apple tablet rumors
  3. Apple exec: Jobs "happy" with unannounced Apple tablet
  4. PC World reports skeptics question OLPC's focus with $75 tablet
  5. SFGate's most popular PC world stories of 2009
  6. TorrentFreak reports isoHunt loses U.S. lawsuit against movie studios
  7. Gizmodo reports cell phone search without warrant declared illegal
  8. Hulu, Warner Music sign deal for music content
  9. HotHardware reports PaPaLaB camera sees colors that humans see
  10. Gadget Lab reports first functional molecular transistor comes alive
  11. The science of Santa
  12. Astronomy picture of the day

  1. Download Squad reports infamous Chinese pirates launch Ubuntu that looks just like Windows XP
  2. Ars Technica: For Nvidia and Intel, Flash video is a double-edged sword
  3. AV-Comparatives summary report 2009
  4. The once and future king: Test build of Opera crushes Chrome on Windows 7
  5. Google Voice returns to iPhone, thanks to VoiceCentral
  6. Boy Genius Report's GV Mobile 2.0 first look
  7. Lifehacker: Help design Firefox 4's Home Tab
  8. TUAW reports Flickery 1.7 offers even more Flickr fun
  9. The Download Squad guide to making your new holiday PC better
    and give your iPhone a seriously powerful clipboard with Pastebot

  1. Shacknews reports 3D Realms teases 'numerous' Duke
    Nukem games
    , 'looking to bring Duke into casual gaming'
  2. XBMC 9.11: Camelot (Xbox media center solution)
  3. Joystiq: Mass Effect 2's save game import features explained
    and 3D gaming is now big enough for its own summit
  4. Gamasutra traces the evolution of the class system in games
  5. GameTrailers game of the year awards 2009
  6. Metacritic's worst of 2009
  7. Touch Arcade on the best iPod touch and iPhone games
  8. Gaming Heaven reviews Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero (Wii)
  9.'s video game deals
  10. Direct2Drive's 24 days of Christmas sale
  11. Direct2Drive UK's 24 days of Christmas sale
  12. Steam holiday sale day five

  1. Gizmodo has 10 things you must do with your new Windows 7 PC and new Mac
  2. TechRadar UK on getting connected: A history of modems
  3. Boy Genius Report's BlackBerry Tour2 9650 hands-on
  4. TUAW on using a wireless keyboard with an iPhone using BTstack keyboard
  5. MegaTech Reviews on KontrolFreek FPS Freek & Speed Freek Xbox 360 thumbstick mods
  6. Rbmods on 630W Nexus RX-6300 PSU - closer look
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