National Chocolate Candy Day Shortbread

National Chocolate Candy Day

  1. DigiTimes reports Nvidia delays Fermi to March 2010;
    AMD to launch new GPU in January - February
  2. X-bit labs report Nvidia is happy with performance of GeForce GF100 "Fermi" graphics card
  3. Expreview reports AMD set to unveil 12 DirectX 11 GPUs at CES 2010
  4. DigiTimes reports Innolux to supply panels for Apple tablet
  5. C|Net reports Microsoft, Intel to cede tablet market to Apple?
  6. DailyTech reports AT&T suspends online sales of iPhone in New York City
  7. Espresso ROM running on Hero, teaser by Lox and Behnaam
  8. C|Net reports smartphones shift chipmaking power
  9. Decade of the mobile: From the first camera phone to the iPhone 3GS
  10. Worldwide cost of IT failure: $6.2 trillion
  11. TechRadar UK reports piracy bill to cost broadband users extra £25 / year
  12. The NY Times, LA Times want Amazon to collect more state taxes
  13. ISPs won't give you broadband, won't let anyone else either
  14. E-books spark battle inside the publishing industry
  15. VR-Zone reports Thermaltake readies next flagship CPU cooler
  16. Time lists tech pioneers who will change your life
  17. Ars Technica's updated guide to Facebook privacy: December 2009 edition
  18. Dropped DSL and missing e-mail: Two tales of moving woes at Ars Technica
  19. TC Magazine reports Lenovo's keyboard-equipped remote control put up for sale
  20. Moons like Avatar's Pandora could be found
  21. on the real science of 'Avatar'
  22. Dealzon's deals: $150 off 15.6" Toshiba Satellite L505D, $166.87 off
    15.6" MSI X600, and up to 65% off off 82 hit Blu-ray movies
Software and gaming

  1. C|Net reports Mozilla pushes back Firefox 3.6, 4.0 deadlines
  2. GPU Caps Viewer 1.8.2 available
  3. Engadget reports Sprint says webOS 1.3.5 is hitting the Pre today
  4. AndroidSPIN: The unofficial, official Eclair ROM with Android 2.0.x for T-Mobile G1 confirmed
  5. Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express (x64)
  6. Ars Technica lists Flickr uploading alternatives for the discerning iPhoto user
  7. Intel: Next-gen IGP coming with Clarkdale provides great mainstream gaming (in Turkey)
  8. Rocksteady: Publishers fully backed Batman: Arkham Asylum delay
  9. Shacknews reports 'MechWarrior: Living Legends' Crysis mod stomps out
  10. GamerZines' exclusive Medal of Honor interview part 1 and part 2
  11. Ars Technica: Alien Breed Evolution brings back classic Amiga game
  12. The most pirated video game of 2009 - It's Modern Warfare 2 in a landslide
  13. Steam holiday sale day six

  1. IBTimes: Google Chrome OS-based netbook tech specs are out
  2. Alert: hp Envy 17, Envy 14, Elitebook 2540p, and 2740p in the pipeline
  3. Engadget reports Brando's USB 3.0-to-SATA adapter gives any old HDD those SuperSpeed powers
  4. VR-Zone reviews Razer Imperator mouse
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