Morning, all. Apologies for the lack of posts yesterday (save for Ronald's ever-reliable production of tasty Shortbread, of course), but Christmas left me flat exhausted. Lots of snow, driving in snow, hosting and visiting relatives in impromptu ways because of inclement weather, and hauling presents and suitcases around. Oh, and snow removal. We had a good time in the midst of it all, but man, I couldn't wait to get back to work so I could rest and recover.

That said, I am working hard on testing all week, and I've run Cyril off, since our news guy shouldn't be working on the slowest week of the year. That means you're mostly stuck with me this week, sad to say.

I don't know about you, but I have a lot of shopping to do, post-Christmas. As the guy who is ridiculously hard to shop for, I tend to get lots of gift cards. Right now, I have to work out how to spend a pretty good stash of credit at three different stores. I think next year I may begin looking into a "universal gift card" of some sort, if such a beast exists, and asking for some of those. Would be nice to pool my resources and buy something nice from my outlet of choice. Cash doesn't work, as I have been reminded, because I tend to let gift cash melt into my general finances, so I then have nothing to show for it besides perhaps a jar of mayonnaise and some diapers or something. It's hard to say.

I have been taking advantage of the Steam sale, though. Yesterday, I picked up Audiosurf, Braid, and Torchlight for a grand total of $14.98. I doubt Torchlight will replace my beloved Sacred 2, and I'm still a little bitter that Torchlight is apparently a bigger hit. But for ten bucks, to get a game of that type that will run on my laptop's Intel IGP, I'll take it. All three games will run on my Acer 1810TZ, I believe, although Braid is a little iffy, surprisingly enough.

The deals today look pretty rich, too. BioShock for $4.99—you must buy this if you haven't played it yet. The Orange Box for $14.99—worth it for Portal alone. The Burnout Paradise package deal for $7.49 looks enticing, too, although I've not played the game. (Hmm. Tempting.  Should I?) I'm still kicking myself that I missed GTA IV for $7.49. That was a total whiff on my part. Don't be like me, folks! Grab the cheap games now and play them later, whenever you can.

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