Melissa-X: Mac doc in disguise

She's back. ZDNet reports on a new strain of Missy:
Computer virus experts say a new variant of the Melissa virus is spreading, this time in the guise of a Macintosh-formatted Microsoft Office document.

The virus, dubbed alternatively Melissa-X and Melissa 2001, can be spread on either a PC or a Macintosh. Like other Melissa variants, though, only Windows PCs will send mass e-mail copies of the infected file. For now, the virus attachment has appeared as "anniv.doc," although Gullotto cautioned this could change.

While it is hard to say precisely how the new variant came about, Gullotto said it is possible someone saved a Melissa-infected document into the new Macintosh version of Microsoft's Office software, creating the new strain. Both Macintosh and Windows computers can open Office documents created on either computer, he said.

Crossbreeding, huh? Seems hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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