EVGA teases mobo with dual LGA1366 sockets

Could we soon see a new, Core i7-powered implementation of Intel's Skulltrail platform? Signs point to yes. EVGA has posted a teaser photo of a dual-socket LGA1366 motherboard on its Twitter feed, and the specimen doesn't look like a dull workstation or server product.

Check out the photo, taken straight from EVGA's Twitpic posting:

EVGA accompanies the shot only with this statement: "The Future... Stay Tuned CES 2010!"

The original iteration of Skulltrail debuted in February 2008, coupling two top-of-the-line Core 2 Extreme processors in what was pretty much a rebadged workstation platform. The rumor mill later suggested that a Core i7-based Skulltrail successor would follow in early 2009, but that didn't pan out, evidently.

An LGA1366 Skulltrail platform wouldn't just give wealthy enthusiasts the means to build an eight-core, 16-thread Core i7 screamer. Those users may also have the option for an eventual drop-in upgrade to Gulftown processors, which would make for a total of 12 cores and 24 threads. Too bad even dual Core i7s would likely be complete overkill for a gaming desktop. You can already peruse our Xeon W5580 review to see how dual Nehalems tango in workstation tasks.

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