AMD processors and VIA roadmap

Septor is reporting that the AMD Athlon 266MHz FSB "Athlon-C" processors will debut on January 26. AMD has been holding back the release of these new processors until there are sufficient numbers of DDR motherboards and PC2100 memory available in the marketplace.

Here is what they think of VIA's roadmap:

  • VT82C694T (Pro133T) - Pro133 chipset supporting Tualatin (0.13 micron process Pentium III), PC133 SDRAM, and AGP 4X; said to sample in March.
  • VT8633 (Pro266T) - Pro266 chipset supporting Tualatin, DDR SDRAM, PC133 SDRAM, and AGP 4X. Features a 266MB/sec V-Link and provides for a 64-bit 66MHz PCI slot using the VPX chip; samples in February.
  • VT8753 (PX266) - dual processor chipset supporting Pentium 4 (Foster?), DDR SDRAM, PC133 SDRAM, and AGP 4X. Features a 533MB/sec V-Link providing support for four 64-bit 66MHz PCI slots using the VPX chip and sampling in H2.
  • VT8363A (KT133A) - chipset with support for Athlon 266MHz FSB and PC133 SDRAM.
  • VT8366 (KT266) - 266MHz FSB, DDR SDRAM, PC133 SDRAM, and 266MB/sec V-Link bus. Said to be released by the end of this month.
Finally, they have a table comparing the mobile Duron, Pentium III, and Celeron at 700MHz. Benchmarks include CPUmark99, FPU WinMark99, and Ligos Technology's "GoMotion" (MPEG encode test ~ lower numbers are better). The cost-performance crown goes to the mobile Duron but because it will consume as much as 24W (see Heise News), AMD is anticipating that the Morgan core to be released in May or June will provide the Duron with less power consumption and PowerNow! support.
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