Nvidia teases Optimus technology for laptops

Many are eagerly waiting for Nvidia to roll out its first DirectX 11, Fermi-based GeForce, but the company has other tricks up its sleeve, too. The firm has sent us a link to a blog post cryptically teasing an upcoming mobile technology.

The post contains only the following paragraph, and Nvidia tells us it won't release additional details until next month:

As we approach CES we wanted to tell you about an upcoming mobile technology that we will be introducing in Q1. It is called NVIDIA Optimus technology. NVIDIA Optimus technology works on notebook platforms with NVIDIA GPUs. It is unique to NVIDIA. It is seamless and transparent to the user. Its purpose is to optimize the mobile experience by letting the user get the performance of discrete graphics from a notebook while still delivering great battery life. Look for more details next month.

We can't do much besides speculate at this point, but the post does include some hints: notebooks with Nvidia graphics, seamless and transparent operation, having both performance and battery life... that sure sounds like a new spin on hybrid graphics.

Nvidia already offered a hybrid graphics implementation in its GeForce 9M mobile GPUs, which could switch off and let an Nvidia chipset take over graphics duties to conserve battery power. Intel, meanwhile, implemented similar graphics switching technology in its Centrino 2 platform. Perhaps Optimus is another implementation geared for the new wave of Arrandale notebooks, but Nvidia's statement is vague enough to leave room for other things. Stay tuned.

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