6Gbps Micron SSDs to be available in February

Just over a month ago, Micron announced a new family of solid-state drives featuring 34-nm NAND flash memory and native 6Gbps Serial ATA interfaces. Today, Micron says it plans to start selling the drives under the Crucial brand via its subsidiary Lexar Media in February.

The Crucial-branded drives will also be called RealSSD C300, and Lexar will offer them with a 2.5" form factor and capacities of 128GB and 256GB. If the specs Micron quoted last month hold true, users can look forward to top speeds of 355MB/s when reading and 215MB/s when writing. The drives will work with both 6Gbps and 3Gbps SATA controllers, although the latter shouldn't let you get past 300MB/s.

Lexar will make Crucial RealSSD C300 drives available next month through "select resellers worldwide" and via Crucial e-tail websites in North America, the United Kingdom, and mainland Europe. The U.S. site quotes five years of warranty coverage. Micron hasn't announced pricing yet, but considering 128GB Crucial M225 SSDs currently sell for $450, we wouldn't expect the new C300 SSDs to be particularly cheap.

As we pointed out in December, DailyTech says RealSSD C300 drives are based on flash memory produced by IM Flash Technologies, Micron's joint venture with Intel. The drives also feature 256MB of DDR3 cache and a proprietary controller co-developed with Marvell.

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