Latest Cooler Master case has built-in SATA dock

With almost 1,700 user reviews on Newegg, Cooler Master's CM 690 enclosure looks to be a popular choice indeed. Today, Cooler Master introduced a successor: the CM 690 II Advanced, which the company says it designed to deliver extra capacity, better cooling, tidier cable routing, a more user-friendly design, and a sleeker-looking black interior.

The CM 690 II ships with three fans—one 140 mm at the top, one 140 mm at the front, and one 120 mm at the rear—but it has room for another seven, including two 120-mm fans at the bottom, two 140-mm fans on one side, a 120-mm fan on the hard-drive cage, and 80-mm fans on the left side and on the graphics card bracket. (Yes, the CM 690 II Advanced also comes with a steel retention bracket that can help keep up to three graphics cards steady.)

As if that weren't enough, Cooler Master has included room for two liquid-cooling radiators at the top and bottom. All of these goodies complement six modular, tool-free hard drive bays, four 5.25" bays, a hole in the motherboard tray behind the CPU socket, an 1.8"- or 2.5"-to-3.5" drive cage adapter for solid-state-drives, and even a Serial ATA dock wedged into the top panel.

Cooler Master says the CM 690 II Advanced will be available worldwide this month alongside "additional accessories including windowed side panels." The company also plans to offer "plus" and "regular" versions of the enclosure, with the latter lacking SSD drive cages and a GPU retention bracket.

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