Dell Studio XPS 16 concept laptop has OLED display

Just over two years ago, Sony was gearing up to introduce its first OLED-based TV, a teeny 11" model with a 960x450 resolution, for the equivalent of $1,700 in Japan. Today at CES, however, Dell is showing off a concept version of its Studio XPS 16 laptop sporting a bigger OLED panel. The Engadget folks were at the scene and grabbed a few photos.

Since the existing Studio XPS 16 has a 15.6" 1600x900 display, one would assume the OLED concept at least has the same form factor. Engadget didn't manage to glean any information about pricing or availability, but it says the concept laptop's display has a 2-mm thickness, a stunning 0.004-ms response time (yes, that's two zeros after the decimal point), and a contrast ratio beyond 10,000:1. If the photos are any indication, the panel has very impressive viewing angles, as well.

OLED laptops may not be that far off from actually hitting the market. Last September, Samsung's PC sales and marketing chief said his company would commercialize OLED laptops as soon as possible, which he reckoned would be in the third quarter of this year. Samsung also showed an OLED laptop prototype in May 2008, but that system only had a 12" display.

Right now, OLED technology has already made inroads into the handheld market. Microsoft's $199 Zune HD media player has a 3.3" OLED display, and the new Google-HTC Nexus One smart phone also sports a 3.7" OLED panel.

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