Silverstone Mini-ITX case has room for Radeon HD 5970

Who says Mini-ITX systems can't have outrageous high-end graphics cards? Mini-ITX enclosures often provide the bare minimum in terms of space and cooling, but Silverstone has decided to break from the fold. As reports, the company's new SUGO SG07 case is designed to accommodate a Radeon HD 5970, and it comes with a built-in 600W power supply.

Accommodating AMD's latest dual-GPU behemoth is easier said than done. The card measures just over a foot in length, making it a tight fit in even full-sized ATX tower cases. says Silverstone was showing off the SUGO SG07 housing not just a Radeon HD 5970, but also a quad-core Core i7-860 processor. Both components were sitting in a DFI LanParty P55 MI-T36 motherboard, which has only a single expansion slot (a PCI Express x16 graphics one) and two DIMM slots.

Passive cooling just won't do when you have two high-end GPUs and a quad-core CPU squeezed together in such a small space, naturally. Silverstone reportedly outfits the SUGO SG07 with a massive 180-mm top fan (complete with a dust filter). Judging from the photos, the Core i7 was cooled by a beefy, full-sized heatsink with five copper heat pipes. The enclosure also has room for a 3.5" hard drive and a slim-line optical drive, but the 600W PSU seems to take up the whole area underneath the drive bays.

The Silverstone SUGO SG07 will become available "shortly" for around $150 USD, according to

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