Plextor shows Marvell-based SSDs at CES

A longtime a manufacturer of optical drives, Plextor will dip its toes into the solid-state market in 2010 with a pair of SSDs based on a 3Gbps Marvell SSD controller. The drives use flash memory from Samsung and will be available in 64 and 128GB capacities in February. According to Plextor, the SSDs boast up to 140MB/s sequential reads and 80MB/s writes.  On the random front, expect 4,300 IOPS with 4KB reads and 1,800 IOPs with writes.

Final versions weren't on display at Plextor's suite, but the only changes to the drives pictured below will be cosmetic etching on the casing.


These first two models have already been qualified for use by Dell. Plextor has additional models planned for the summer, as well. Expect those drives to use a newer Marvell controller, presumably with 6Gbps SATA support. Plextor also told us that its second batch of SSDs will use flash memory from Toshiba.

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