Google adds 'Near me now' to mobile search page

Having a handheld device that knows where it is has all sorts of advantages, and Google has now added another one. According to the official Google Mobile Blog, the company has updated its mobile home page with a link called "Near me now."

The link shows up right under the search button if you open with an iPhone or Android device. Click it, and a menu with shortcut buttons for local restaurants, coffee shops, and ATMs pops up—no typing required. An "Explore right here" button even brings up information about your current location. Google has slapped together a video showcasing one possible use:

To start playing with the Near me now feature, make sure your device is running at least either iPhone OS 3.0 or Android 2.0.1. Google says that you'll also need to switch on location awareness (duh), and that the "Explore right here" button will only show up if your phone can determine its position to within "approximately a city block." (Thanks to DailyTech for the heads up.)

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