Tuesday Shortbread


  1. DigiTimes reports Taiwan DRAM module makers report revenue growth in 2009
  2. TC Magazine reports Nvidia GF100 to be displayed at PDXLAN 15
  3. Expreview reports Fermi to become available "in low quantities" in March
    and ATI Mobility HD 5870 beats GeForce GTX 260M
  4. SemiAccurate: GlobalFoundries 28nm wafer spotted
  5. Engadget reports Asus UL80JT spotted with automatic
    switchable graphics, brags 12-hour battery life
  6. TC Magazine reports AMD prepping triple-core mobile CPUs
  7. Hardware Canucks report AMD 890GX chipset set to launch in Q2 2010 - four boards pictured
  8. Bright Side of News reports VESA details its plans for DisplayPort v1.2
  9. ATi-Forum has HD 5830 - exclusive information (in German)
  10. VR-Zone reports LG GW990 stars in Intel CES keynote
  11. Expreview reports SilverStone reveals Radeon HD 5970-compatible Mini-ITX case
  12. Engadget reports Intel's Atom-powered home energy dashboard concept gets itself a website,
    not closer to retail reality and T-Mobile makes mention of 3G issues with Nexus One, hopes
    to have 'more information' soon and Microsoft's Bach says 'there are other places where Zune
    logically could go' and HTC Droid Eris gets an ultra-minor update and Nokia N900 gets
    first software update, but don't expect much
  13. Hexus.lifestyle reports Sony launches Dash mini tablet
  14. Ars Technica on cost-benefit analysis: Net neutrality makes economic sense
  15. Here we go again: Video standards war 2010
  16. Sony's on-demand movie service 'Qriocity' coming February 2010
  17. Deadline's exclusive: 'Spider-Man 4' scrapped; Sam Raimi &
    Tobey Maguire & cast out; franchise reboot for 2012
  18. Newegg's deal: $30 off Creative SB X-Fi XtremeGamer 7.1 sound card
Software and gaming

  1. Microsoft Sysinternals Suite January 11, 2010 (What's new)
  2. Bright Side of News reports Windows Mobile 7 definitely delayed to 2011
  3. Ars Technica has a decade of Mac OS X reviews
  4. Slashdot: Mozilla starts to follow a new drumbeat
  5. Google Chrome beta for Windows
  6. Wine 1.1.36
  7. Android 2.1 SDK
  8. GamePro on defining CES: Gaming's role at the Consumer Electronics Show
  9. Study: Average game dev costs as high as $28 million
  10. Kotaku reports Xbox Live officially heading for mobile phones
  11. Game benchmark videos illustrated

  1. VR-Zone: Does size really matter? (small form factor systems)
  2. Big Bruin reviews Asus Eee PC 701SD netbook
  3. PureOC reviews 16GB Kingston Data Traveler Locker+
  4. Engadget's LG Magic Motion gesture control HDTV remote hands-on
  5. BmR's best CPU cooler performance AMD Socket AM3 preview
  6. Expreview reviews Thermalright Venomous X
  7. TweakTown reviews Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme CPU cooler
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