Rumor: Radeon HD 5830 could be on the way

Right now, AMD's desktop graphics lineup has a large void between the $160 Radeon HD 5770 and $300 Radeon HD 5850 with no new, DirectX 11 products to serve as a middle ground. According to NordicHardware, however, AMD may soon fill the gap with an as-of-yet-unannounced Radeon HD 5830 graphics card.

NordicHardware reveals very little in the way of specs, only quoting its sources as saying the Radeon HD 5830 will pack GDDR5 memory and perform similarly to the older Radeon HD 4890. The new card will reportedly end up priced lower than the 4890, as well. If true, that would place the rumored newcomer below $200.

That performance estimate seems plausible, at least. The Radeon HD 5850 generally sits half-way between the 4890 and 5870 on the performance scale, while the Radeon HD 5770 is usually neck-and-neck with the old 4870. Since AMD priced the 5700 series at a premium over their like-performing predecessors, though, the $200 figure seems a tad optimistic.

In any case, NordicHardware says it expects to have more details "in a few weeks." Stay tuned.

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