Radeon HD 5670 cards are already plentiful

In our review of AMD's new Radeon HD 5670, we said AMD told us to expect "multiple tens of thousands" of units to be available in time for the launch. Well, we can't verify the exact number, but we can attest that eight different 5670 models have already made their way into Newegg's stocks—and they're all marked as available.

Prices range from $99.99 before shipping for most of the offerings to $119.99 for an inexplicably marked-up PowerColor model. Also, all but this XFX card ship with custom coolers instead of the stock AMD heatsink and fan. Too bad, because despite its small size, AMD's cooler produces very low noise levels under load.

We can also see one "factory-overclocked" version of the Radeon HD 5670 already: this $109.99 Gigabyte card, which pushes the core clock speed from 775 to 785MHz. How exciting.

What's happening on the Nvidia front? Newegg offers plenty of GeForce 9800 GT cards in the same price bracket, while GeForce GT 240 models with GDDR5 RAM range as low as $84.99 after a $10 Newegg instant rebate.

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