Enermax responds, bumps PSU warranty to five years

In our power supply roundup published last night, we criticized Enermax for only covering its otherwise high-end Revolution 85+ 850W power supply with a three-year warranty. Well, guess what? The company issued a press release earlier today saying it's "pleased to announce the upgrade of its current 3 year warranty on REVOLUTION85+ and GALAXY EVO PSU series' to 5 years."

This warranty increase applies retroactively, so folks who purchased these units before today will enjoy five years of coverage, with no paperwork or registration required. A trip down to the warranty page of Enermax's website shows that the Modu 87+ and Pro 87+ units have five-year warranties, now, as well.

According to Bing's cache, the Enermax warranty page said the firm offered only three years of coverage as of January 12, so it certainly seems like our review might have had something to do with this sudden change. Enermax's official press release tells a different tale, however:

"This warranty upgrade is part of our ongoing 20-year anniversary campaign throughout 2010 to celebrate our achievements during this period and to give back to our valued customers a part of the trust and appreciation, they have shown to us in these 20 years", Steven Su, founder & president of ENERMAX, elaborates. "When we started 20 years ago, we had yet to establish ourselves in the industry by the innovative energy we stand for today. Our two flagship PSU series' exemplify our spirit and thus we wanted to match their warranty with what they stand for."

Regardless of what prompted it, this move should be a welcome one for consumers. Five-year warranties have become increasingly common among higher-end power supplies in recent years, and some firms offer even longer coverage terms. For devices that can easily last through multiple system generations, a five-year warranty makes a lot of sense.

Given Enermax's apparent responsiveness to our concerns, we plan to update the text of our review to reflect the change.

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