Deal of the week: A microATX bargain

With all those shiny and exciting microATX motherboards hitting the market in the wake of Intel's Clarkdale processor launch, building a small-form-factor PC ought to sound like an exciting prospect. You could have, say, a dual- or quad-core Core i5 CPU, a DirectX 11 Radeon, and USB 3.0 connectivity all in an enclosure that's easily tucked away.

But what enclosure to pick? Well, as luck would have it, Newegg's latest Shell Shocker deal provides a pretty big rebate on Antec's Mini P180 case. The enclosure has a $100 list price, but it's selling for $70 shipped on its own, and you can try your luck with a mail-in rebate to get that down to just $50.

The Mini P180 has many of the features of the full-size P180 series, except with a smaller form factor. That means Antec still includes noise-dampening composite panels, a flipped layout with the PSU at the bottom, hard-drive cages with rails, room for cables behind the motherboard tray, and big, quiet fans.

If you happen to need a power supply to get that microATX gaming rig up and running, the Shell Shocker promotion also lets customers grab the Mini P180 together with Antec's Neo Eco 520W power supply for a total of $99.98 shipped. That's definitely a bargain, especially since the PSU has 80 Plus certification, a comfortable 40A of 12V juice, and a $60 price tag on its own. (Thanks to TR forum member Obsidian for the tip.)

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