Updated AMD roadmap and more

Septor.net has an updated AMD roadmap (scroll down). Both ClawHammer and Thoroughbred (0.13 micron Athlon) are set to sample in Q4. ClawHammer is believed to reach 2GHz in Q1 2002. If true, this marks a clear shift by AMD toward 64-bit processors.

It looks like Intel is cooking up Timna-2. The original Timna had issues with the Rambus controller and was cancelled but with pressure coming from Transmeta's Crusoe and VIA's Matthew, Intel is feeling the heat, so to speak. Preliminary specs are the following:

  • Pentium III architecture with enhanced ALU
  • 0.13 micron process
  • SpeedStep-like feature to decrease clock speed to save battery life
  • 512KB L2 cache
  • SSE2 support
  • DDR memory controller
There is no firm release date but because it will be 0.13 micron it has to be fall at the earliest.

Lastly, they have more details on Asus planning a new slot which allows for a special two-in-one SCSI and network controller (Asus will make this card). Motherboards featuring this special slot are believed to debut on board the CUSL2-LS and the CUV4X-LS. The specs for the motherboards and controller are pretty self-explanatory (controller will be Ultra-160 SCSI with support for up to 30 devices).

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