Biostar shows up with another microATX H55 board

Motherboard makers certainly aren't passing up on chances to offer small-form-factor mobos for Intel's 32-nm processors. Biostar's new TH55B HD is the latest example: an Intel H55 Express-equipped microATX motherboard that melds "high quality component design, outstanding over clocking capabilities and new colorful slots," in the company's words. Affordable pricing is said to be on the menu, too.

The TH55B HD has few surprises in terms of component placement and distribution. We can see PCI Express x16 and x1 slots, a pair of 32-bit PCI slots, four memory slots, six Serial ATA ports, and a trifecta of DVI, HDMI, and VGA display outputs, all designed to interface with the integrated graphics cores of Clarkdale CPUs.

Biostar didn't keep things entirely boring, though; the firm also talks of five-phase power, high-quality Japanese capacitors, support for DDR3-2000 memory, and overclocking capabilities that extend to the integrated graphics. The TH55B HD even has power and reset buttons built right on the circuit board, so overclockers can fiddle with settings and voltages outside the confines of an enclosure.

Biostar's announcement doesn't quote an exact price for the TH55B HD. Considering the repeated mentions of affordability and the fact that most Biostar mobos sell for less than $100 at Newegg, however, we wouldn't expect this puppy to cost an arm and a leg.

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