Rumor: Radeon HD 5830 launching on February 5

The rumor mill has dug up more dirt on that Radeon HD 5830 we heard about last week. Now, Fudzilla says AMD has set a February 5 launch date and will price the upcoming graphics card at $239.

That sounds a little bit more expensive than the $199 we heard last week. Admittedly, though, $239 doesn't fall too far north of the mid-point between the now-$150 Radeon HD 5770 and the $289 Radeon HD 5850. Fudzilla also claims the 5830 will be significantly faster than the 5770, so the higher price tag could be justified.

In related news, the same site brings word that AMD is prepping a new-and-improved version of its Cypress graphics processor for the launch of Nvidia's GF100.

You can reportedly expect something similar to what AMD pulled off last April: an optimized, higher-clocked GPU based on the same architecture and destined for slightly higher-end products. In that case, AMD brought us the RV790 and Radeon HD 4890. Perhaps we'll see a Radeon HD 5890 this time. Fudzilla doesn't quote any specs, but it claims AMD will cut prices across Radeon HD 5800-series cards once the new champion arrives.

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