Asus readies OLED e-book reader

Separate reports by Times Online and Engadget suggest Asus may be readying the mother of all e-book readers. Times Online first broke the story on Sunday, talking of an upcoming Asus DR-570 e-book reader with a 6" OLED color screen, 122 hours of battery life, and the ability to play back Flash video and tap into Wi-Fi networks.

The folks at Engadget got hold of more information today. Users can reportedly look forward to 30-millisecond page turns ("about 3 times faster than the [Amazon] Kindle"), a built-in web browser, 4GB of onboard storage capacity, additional SD card expansion, and support for both audio and video playback. Engadget even mentions a "hint" of 3D graphics.

Physically, the DR-570 is said to measure 124 x 170 x 8.8 mm (4.9" x 6.7" x 0.35") and weigh only 200 g (just over seven ounces). Engadget contradicts the Times Online report slightly by citing a 5.7" display panel size, which would explain the model number.

Both Engadget and Times Online expect Asus to launch the DR-570 by the end of this year. Neither source provides a more detailed schedule or any pricing information, though.

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