Via announces first Mobile-ITX module

Fresh from the introduction of its Mobile-ITX form factor, Via Technologies has announced the first "computer module" based on that specification. The new Via EPIA-T700 measures only 6 x 6 cm, but it packs a 1GHz x86 processor and a chipset with hardware video decoding capabilities.

To be more precise, the EPIA-T700 comes with a "specially miniaturized" Eden ultra-low-voltage processor, 512MB of soldered-on DDR2 memory, and a VX820 media system processor. Via outfits the VX820 with a DirectX 9-class integrated graphics core and hardware decode support for MPEG-2, MPEG-4, Windows Media Video 9, and VC-1 video codecs. There's eight-channel 24-bit audio, too.

As you can see in the images below, the EPIA-T700 is designed to plug into slightly larger, customized "carrier boards" with conventional I/O connectivity. Those boards can have PCI Express, DVI, and Ultra DMA ports and slots, but they don't add much thickness to the whole package.

Via expects the EPIA-T700 to find users in the medical and military fields as well as "in-vehicle applications." The connectors between the module and its carrier board can purportedly withstand five G's of acceleration, so with a rugged enough outer casing, EPIA-T700 systems should be able to take a decent amount of punishment.

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