National Cheese Lover's Day Shortbread

National Cheese Lover's Day

  1. Ars Technica reports tech world moves equipment, talent, cash to help out Haiti
  2. Betanews reports NSF study gauges American's interest in tech news at 12-year low
  3. C|Net reports evidence found of Chinese attack on Google
  4. DailyTech reports Google attackers may have had inside assistance
  5. Google v. China: The Chinese government reacts
  6. C|Net reports Google postpones phone launches in China
  7. Engadget's editorial: Google's multitouch dilemma
  8. The Independent profiles Google's Sergey Brin
  9. Fudzilla reports ITG xpPhone priced
  10. Analyst: Zune phone coming in next two months
  11. C|Net reports IBM beats fourth-quarter estimates and
    Samsung settles with Rambus for $900 million (thanks Neutronbeam)
  12. DigiTimes reports TSMC says 40nm yield issues resolved
  13. Average U.S. broadband speed: 3.9 Mbps
  14. FBI faked terrorism emergencies to net user phone records
  15. TG Daily reports Microsoft will only keep Bing user data for six months
  16. [H]ard|OCP: How the Fourth Amendment applies to cloud computing
  17. NordicHardware reports ARM not afraid of Intel
  18. VR-Zone: Apple tablet, iLife 2010, and new iPhone OS confirmed?
  19. DailyTech reports Sony showcases new Vaio Z series with quad SSDs
  20. Computerworld reports D-Link issues fix for router vulnerabilities
  21. Expreview reports Galaxy cooking up world's first dual-core GTS 250 accelerator
  22. PC Authority reports DisplayPort v1.2 lands
  23. [H]ard|OCP reports hp is testing a touchless "Wall of Touch"
  24. NordicHardware on Auzentech X-Fi Bravura 7.1 for the really fastidious users
  25. Ars Technica reports game theory shows evolution follows most successful member
  26. Big Bruin's CES 2010 wrap-up
  27. TechFlash reports Bill Gates adding hundreds of followers a minute on Twitter
  28.'s Athlon II 630 giveaway for all Swedes (Sweden only)
  29. Newegg's 24-hour sale (1/20 only beginning at midnight PST)
  30. Newegg's deals: $100 off Toshiba Satellite L505D-LS5010 notebook, $20 off
    500GB Western Digital Elements portable hard drive, $10 off 4GB OCZ
    PC2-8500 Platinum dual channel kit (use promo code "MEM1197") &
    $10 off Sapphire Radeon HD 5770 1GB (use promo code "VGA1181X")
  31. Dealzon's deals: $62 off Dell Mini 10 w/ TV tuner, $234 off 14" Asus X83 laptop,
    $200 off 14" Lenovo G450 laptop, and $150 off 15.5" Sony Vaio NW laptop

  1. Microsoft security advisory 979352: Going out of band
  2. Microsoft: Switch from IE and your risk increases
  3. Avast! version 5.0 is here (free version is here)
  4. SuperSite for Windows on saying goodbye to old technology (XP, IE 6 & Flash 6)
  5. SuperSite Blog reports Apple finally adds Windows 7 support to Boot
    Camp and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 delivery date: May 2010
  6. Play Ribbon Hero and hone your Microsoft Office skills
  7. China's XP-themed Linux now available in English
  8. Boy Genius Report has Apple iPhone OS 4.0 featured detailed
  9. WMExperts on Windows Mobile 7: What we can expect and what we are hearing
  10. 5 Windows Mobile 7 questions and 5 speculative answers
  11. DailyTech's interview: Opera speaks about new CEO, being number one in mobile sector
  12. InfoWorld on why Firefox is doomed
  13. [H]ard|OCP geeks out with AMD and OpenCL
  14. Phoronix on the performance of EXT4 then & now
  15. Easily install Ubuntu Linux with Windows using the Wubi installer
  16. DailyTech reports IBM releases Lotus Notes for iPhone; Android is up next
  17. Sysinternals suite - January 19, 2010
  18. Adobe Shockwave Player
  19. TeraCopy 2.12
  20. HotKeyz

  1. Analyst questions the future of 3D gaming at TG Daily
  2. Does PS3 3.10 firmware update kill Blu-ray drives?
  3. Engadget reports Sony PS3 motion controller delayed until 'fall 2010' globally
  4. Microsoft wants ESPN on Xbox 360
  5. FiringSquad reports BioWare announces Cerberus
    : In-game engine for Mass Effect 2 DLC
  6. Ars Technica reports Mass Effect 2 uses DLC "pipeline" to profit from used sales
  7. BioShock 2 creative lead on sequels, prequels, multiplayer on Ars Technica
  8. Activision CEO talks Spider-Man video games
  9. Gamasutra reports LOTR movie director Peter Jackson considers developing original games
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 consoles patches are being tested
  11. Ars Technica and Shacknews review Dark Void
  12. Steam client update released
  13. Steam's midweek madness: Men of War franchise 66% off
Systems and storage

  1. TC Magazine reports Asus puts Boingo software on latest Eee PCs
  2. Digital Trends: How to choose a slate device or tablet PC
  3. HotHardware reviews hp TouchSmart 600 23" all-in-one PC
  4. EOC and Rbmods on ASRock Ion 330HT-BD nettop
  5. TestFreaks review Verizon Wireless Gateway LT 2016u netbook
  6. TechRadar UK on AMD Bulldozer: The fightback begins in 2011
  7. techPowerUp! reviews Core i5 661
  8. NordicHardware has more details on Rampage III Extreme and the 3DMark world
    record and Biostar TH55B HD auto-overclocks the IGP of Core i3 / i5 to 1200MHz
  9. Hardware Secrets has a first look at Intel's DH55TC motherboard
  10. Metku reviews MSI P55-GD80
  11. ProClockers review Jetway NC93-330W-LF ITX motherboard
  12. TweakTown reviews 4GB Corsair Dominator GTX Series PC3-18000 memory kit
  13. Benchmark Reviews on SandForce SF1500 enterprise SSD processor
  14. Legit Reviews on LSI MegaRAID SATA and SAS 9260-8i RAID card
  15. CCE Reviews on Plextor PX-B940SA internal 12X BD writer
  16. Futurelooks reviews Thecus N0503 ComboNAS enclosure
Multimedia, power, cases, and cooling

  1. Hardware Canucks review Sapphire Radeon HD 5850 and 5770 1GB
  2. HT4U reviews Nvidia GeForce GT 240 DDR3 and GDDR5 (in German)
  3. Digital Trends reviews Olive 4HD hi-fi music server
  4. HardwareHeaven reviews SteelSeries Merc Stealth keyboard
  5. OCC reviews Evercool Booster Cool wrist pad
  6. AnandTech on Enermax Gold: Modu87+ and Pro87+
  7. Hardware Secrets reviews 450W 3R System iCEAGE PSU
  8. Techgage reviews Cooler Master 690 II Advanced case
  9. Bona Fide Reviews on NZXT Hades case
  10. Tweaknews reviews Thermaltake SpinQ VT CPU cooler
  11. FrostyTech reviews Apack ZEROtherm Core92 heatsink
  12. DeXgo's 120-mm-L├╝fter roundup V3.0 (in German)
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