National Granola Bar Day Shortbread

National Granola Bar Day

  1. Ars Technica reports rumors explode about what to expect from Apple next week
  2. C|Net cites report: Apple tablet is a shared media device
    and reports Apple, labels talk music in the cloud
  3. DigiTimes reports chairman of China's largest web-portal speaks out against Google
  4. Yahoo! knew of attacks before Google, kept mum
  5. TechFlash reports Microsoft call on government for clearer cloud policies, regulations
  6. The Register: Big Blue stalking STEC?
  7. GamePolitics on TSA laptop searches
  8. C|Net reports Verizon ends service of alleged illegal downloaders
  9. Analyst: AT&T needs to spend $5 billion or more to match Verizon's coverage
  10. TG Daily reports AT&T gloats as Microsoft sues TiVo
  11. Apple, Microsoft discuss giving Bing top iPhone billing
  12. DailyTech on Netflix's new rental gamble: CEO says cuts are good for customers
  13. Ars Technica on locating and managing the IS security function
  14. VR-Zone reports Intel unveils all new 2010 Core processor family
  15. Intel's processor price list dated 1/17 (PDF)
  16. InfoWorld reports chip makers see stronger DRAM memory prices this year
  17. Fudzilla reports Nvidia to jump on AMD's DirectX 11 bandwagon
  18. Intel's computer vision accelerator
  19. TechFlash reports Amazon offers bigger cut of e-book sales
    to publishers and Amazon plans Kindle app store
  20. DigiTimes reports Garmin-Asus to unveil first Android smartphone at MWC 2010, says Asustek
  21. Benchmark Reviews has CES 2010: Computer technology highlights
  22. TG Daily reports ESO releases new image of Cat's Paw Nebula
  23. 16 awesome fictional firearms
  24. Newegg's deals: $150 off 16.4" Sony Vaio FW notebook, $420 off 46" Sony Bravia
    1080p LCD HDTV, $180 off 32" Toshiba 1080p LCD HDTV, and $15 off
    Sapphire Radeon HD 4860 (use promo code "VGA12X15")

  1. Microsoft security bulletin advance notification for January 2010
  2. Ars Technica reports Microsoft investigates 17-year old Windows flaw
  3. TG Daily reports Android for your PC finally available
  4. Amazon Kindle Developmet Kit limited beta coming next month
  5. Microsoft System Center Essentials 2010 RC
  6. TC Magazine reports Lenovo speeds up Adobe CS4 on ThinkPad workstations
  7. Google talks Chrome OS, HTML5, and the future of software at Ars Technica
  8. California CIO: Open source officially welcome here
  9. Digital Trends shows how to run Windows 7 on a Mac
  10. Apple security update 2010-001
  11. VentureBeat reports free antivirus drives AVG to 110M users
  12. C|Net reports YouTube begins HTML5 rollout
  13. Trillian for Windows 4.1
  14. a-squared Free 4.5
  15. Microsoft Silverlight 3.0.50106.0 Final
  16. Simple Ping 1.0.2
  17. CowcotLand on autonomy, OS & video playback (in French)
  18. OverclockersHQ on Muvee Reveal software
  19. Yahoo! News reports White House launches iPhone application
  20. Digital Trends on best augmented reality apps

  1. Shacknews reports Green Man Gaming pioneers digital trades for PC gamers
  2. Ars Technica reports game developers warn FCC of "balkanized" Internet
  3. Maximum PC reports South Korea rules virtual currency is as good as cash (thanks Neutronbeam)
  4. PC Perspective's OnLive game service review: Is this the future of PC gaming?
  5. Fudzilla reports more DirectX 11 games after February
  6. Digital Trends on video games: The state of play in 2010
  7. Want to be a better gamer? Size matters
  8. Joystiq reports Crysis 2 takes the crisis to New York
  9. VG247 claims Bethesda's Elder Scrolls MMO missed its 2009 reveal
  10. BioWare: There will be more Mass Effect after trilogy ends
  11. BioWare pens a note about the Xbox 360 title update for Dragon Age: Origins
  12. Shacknews reports StarCraft II trailer deploys mothership and
    Halo: Reach screenshots show squadmates, unlockable perks confirmed
    and Halo 3 gets second Mythic Map Pack in February
  13. IGN has Aliens vs. Predator Survivor hands-on
  14. AvP PC system requirements revealed
  15. bit-tech's Achron hands-on preview
  16. Ars Technica: Leaving Home a coming of age... shooter?
  17. Lego Diablo
  18. Seven great, overlooked game soundtracks
Systems and storage

  1. Hardware.Info's budget game PC - January 2010
  2. Expreview reports Core i7-980X crushes 3DMark Vantage world records
  3. VR-Zone's exclusive peek at Gigabyte's GA-P55A-UD7
  4. TweakTown reviews Gigabyte GA-H57M-USB3 (H57 Express)
  5. Hardware Secrets has first looks at MSI H57M-ED65 and Biostar TH55XE
  6. Guru3D reviews ECS H55H-M motherboard
  7. X-bit labs review Intel DP55WG motherboard
  8. HT4U pits Gigabyte P55-UD6 vs. Asus Maximus III Formula (in German)
  9. HardwareOC reviews Gigabyte GA-X58A-UD7 (in German)
  10. reviews Gigabyte GA-790FXTA-UD5
  11. ThinkComputers reviews Asus M4A785TD-V Evo
  12. X-bit labs continue SSD battles: Corsair X128 vs. solutions on JMicron chip
  13. Hardware Canucks review 128GB G.Skill Falcon II SSD

  1. Legit Reviews has Nvidia GF100 Fermi preview
  2. OC3D's AMD Radeon HD 5000 series cards roundup
  3. X-bit labs on an unusual tandem: Asus EAH5770/2DIS/1GD5 and
    PowerColor PCS HD5750 1GB GDDR5 Premium Edition
  4. Neoseeker reviews PowerColor HD 5770 PCS+
  5. Ultimate Hardware reviews Inno3D GeForce GT 240
  6. PureOC reviews ECS GeForce GT 240 512MB
  7. Digital Trends reviews Sony Handycam HDR-CX520V
  8. t-break reviews Panasonic HDC-SD10 video camera
  9. TechReviewSource on Panasonic Lumix DMC-FP8 camera
  10. TestFreaks review Droid Eris for Verizon Wireless
  11. HardwareZone reviews Motorola DEXT - Reviving Moto
  12. Ninjalane reviews Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Advance mouse
  13. HardwareHeaven reviews Logitech Guitar Hero controllers
Power, casing, and cooling

  1. [H]ard|OCP reviews 850W and 1050W Ultra X4 PSUs
  2. XSReviews on Speedlink Zone Wii induction charger
  3. OCC reviews NZXT Hades case
  4. XtremeComputing reviews Chieftec BT-02B Mini ITX enclosure
  5. Technic3D reviews Axus Fit 300 hard drive enclosure (in German)
  6. Björn3D reviews Thermaltake SpinQ VT
  7. FrostyTech reviews Apack ZEROtherm Nirvana NV120 PWM
  8. BayReviews on Arctic Cooling MX-2 thermal grease
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