Super Talent announces SandForce-based SSDs

Sure, OCZ might have been the first to announce solid-state drives based on SandForce controllers, and it may also have been the first to send out prototypes to reviewers. But SandForce is also wooing other vendors with its newfangled "SSD processors:" Super Talent has now announced a whole lineup of SandForce-based SSDs, which it claims to have designed "specifically for high end enterprise and database server applications."

All five Super Talent TeraDrive FT2 models feature the SF-1500, which SandForce targets specifically at enterprise users. According to Super Talent, TeraDrive FT2 SSDs can achieve top sequential read and write speeds of up to 250MB/s, with transaction rates topping out at 30,000 IOPS—and performance purportedly "will not degrade over time."

Super Talent will offer the two smallest-capacity variants with either multi-level- or single-level-cell flash memory, while the 200GB drive will be MLC-only. Judging from Super Talent's spec sheet (PDF), the performance numbers above apply only to 100GB and 200GB TeraDrive FT2 models. 50GB performance remains to be determined, the firm says.

Other features include 300MB/s Serial ATA controllers, 2.5" form factors, and some of those SandForce-specific perks we went over earlier this month. Super Talent will offer warranty coverage of two years for MLC-based TeraDrive FT2s and three years for their SLC brethren.

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