Poll: What sort of pants do you wear to work or school?

As we brave the lull leading up to Apple's tablet announcement, we thought we'd update our front page with a fresh poll. This time, our minds have drifted to pants. Yes, pants—trousers, for our British friends.

Like many items, pants can say a lot about someone's occupation. Are you an office worker forced to wear dark suit pants or slacks most of the time, or do you work in the privacy of your own home, donning pants only when absolutely necessary? Perhaps you fall somewhere in between, working or studying in a less dressy environment with few wardrobe restrictions.

In any case, you'll find the poll both below and on the front page. Responses are anonymous, so don't be ashamed to pick the "boxers" option. You won't be the only one.

The last poll question was, "Do aesthetics ever influence your component selection?" The responses are laid out in a nice curve, showing most TR readers tend to keep a cool head and not let flashy heatsinks and color schemes guide their purchases. 22% voted yes, 21% voted no, and the majority (the remaining 57%) said aesthetics only matter sometimes, when other attributes are roughly equal.

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