Intel keeps growing in the graphics market, JPR says

Sick of market share numbers yet? Jon Peddie Research has now joined in the fun with data pertaining to the graphics side of the PC market. There, Intel's integrated graphics chipsets look to have done exceedingly well in the fourth quarter, while AMD and Nvidia both lost a little ground compared to the quarter before:

  Q4 2008
Q3 2009
Q4 2009
Intel 47.7% 53.6% 55.2%
Nvidia 30.6% 25.3% 24.3%
AMD 19.3% 20.1% 19.9%

According to JPR, AMD enjoyed gains in mobile integrated GPUs but lost market share in the discrete desktop and mobile GPU arenas—something the research firm attributes to those 40-nm supply problems. At the same time, Nvidia saw growth in desktop discrete GPUs but fell behind in integrated graphics. No big surprise there, since a licensing feud with Intel has forced Nvidia to put chipset development on hold, and GeForce chipsets have become few and far between.

All put together, JPR writes that GPU shipments for the entire year went up 14%, exceeding both its expectations and growth from the two previous years. The firm predicts GPU shipments will grow by 27.9% in 2010 and 10.3% in 2011.

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