Poll: Apple's iPad: Hot or not?

So, Steve Jobs finally descended from Mount Horeb took the stage at San Francisco's Yerba Buena Center for the Arts and delivered his tablet device to the faithful earlier today. We've gone over the specifications and features in this afternoon's news post, but we're now curious to gauge reception amongst TR's loyal readership. Time for a new poll!

Today's poll topic is simple: is the Apple iPad hot or not? Do you think the device can fulfill Steve Jobs' ambition of bridging the gap between smart phones by creating a new category of products? Is the iPad little more than an oversized iPod touch with an impractical interface? Or does it fall somewhere in between? Feel free to vote either below or on our front page.

You've probably seen the results from our previous poll already. Turns out 52% of TR gerbils wear blue jeans to their school or job—who would've imagined? The remaining 48% are split up between khakis (18%), slacks (10%), suit pants (7%), and other garments. Oh, and almost one percent of participants say they wear their boxers all day.

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