Deal of the week: A Radeon HD 5850 for $270 shipped

AMD's supply woes with Radeon HD 5800-series graphics cards look to be largely over, but prices are still quite a bit higher than at launch—typically around $300 for the Radeon HD 5850. Occasionally, though, deals that do away with much of the premium appear.

We've stumbled upon just such a deal at Newegg: the e-tailer is offering HIS's Radeon HD 5850 for only $269.99 with free shipping. The card normally sells for $299.99, but Newegg tacks on a $10 instant rebate and lets shoppers take out another $20 with the promo code "VGA161302" (entered, as always, on the checkout page without quotes).

This is a full-blown 5850 with the standard, dual-slot AMD cooler and full port loadout, which includes dual DVI, one DisplayPort, and one HDMI. For an idea of how quick this baby is, be sure to check out our review. This card is pretty much the second-fastest single-GPU offering on the market right now, and it has impressively low power draw and noise levels in spite of it. Being a 5000-series Radeon, the 5850 also delivers DirectX 11 support and higher-quality antialiasing and filtering algorithms than previous-gen GPUs.

Just don't dwell on this one for too long—the promo code expires on January 31.

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