Speedy Vertex LE solid-state drives listed in Europe

A couple of unannounced Vertex LE solid-state drives from OCZ have made their way into European e-tail listings. Fudzilla managed to gather a few details, and it says the drives might be based on those newfangled SandForce controllers that also power OCZ's upcoming Vertex 2 SSDs.

The Vertex LE (or Limited Edition) is listed in 100GB and 200GB variants. Both drives reportedly have multi-level-cell NAND flash memory, TRIM support in Windows 7, and three-year warranties. Top speeds should be 270MB/s for reads and 250MB/s for writes, although according to Fudzilla, the Vertex LE can only sustain writes as quickly as 235MB/s. Still, those numbers aren't far off from the Vertex 2 speeds we heard at CES.

How much will these puppies cost? The European listings show pricing of €339 and up for the 100GB Vertex LE and €733 and up for its 200GB sibling. You probably know the drill by now: European hardware prices are typically higher than in the U.S., so a direct currency conversion isn't all that helpful. Rather, swapping out the currency sign and adding 20% or so tends to produce a better estimate of potential American pricing.

Going by that formula, the 100GB Vertex LE could sell for around $400 stateside—about in the same league as some of the higher-end 128GB SSDs out in the market today.

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