Acer has no plans for an iPad competitor, after all

A week ago, we talked about Acer's plan to become top dog in the PC market—a plan that included, among other things, a tablet device modeled after Apple's iPad. It looks like the plan has changed, though. DigiTimes now quotes Acer Taiwan President Scott Lin as saying his company has no intention to offer such a product.

Acer has the necessary technical know-how, Lin claims, but an iPad-like device "does not fit into Acer's business model." The executive added that, much like many other hardware vendors, Acer lacks an offering comparable to the iTunes Store. That could indeed pose a problem. Apple will offer not just music, shows, movies, and books to iPad users, but also a wealth of applications originally designed for the iPhone and iPod touch.

While Acer is getting cold feet, DigiTimes has learned from industry sources that Asus and MSI haven't given up yet. The two firms have nonetheless "re-evaluated their strategies" after finding out that the iPad will start at $499, not $1,000 as rumored. Translation: Asus and MSI may now have to aim well below $499 in order to attract customers.

Asus recently confirmed the Eee Pad, a tablet device that will also feature an ARM processor, 3G connectivity, and video playback support. The rumor mill hints that the contraption will feature an Nvidia Tegra system-on-a-chip and launch in June.

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