Morning, all. What may seem like a lazy Monday around here at first glance is anything but. Although it's running a bit late, Jordan should be putting the finishing touches on the podcast fairly soon, and then we'll get that posted. This is his "CES experience" episode, where we get to hear lots of audio from the show as he gives the audience a flavor of what it's like to attend—very different, but lots of fun. I've heard an early draft, and I'm very much looking forward to the final product.

Also, I'm back from traveling, after spending much of last week visiting Intel in Oregon. I now have four CPU test rigs running concurrently in order to flesh out the results from the new suite of tests we introduced in our Clarkdale review. We should have a broad set of results from the latest processors by the end of the week or thereabouts. Takes a little over a day to test each batch, if I'm not doing anything else.

Of course, other things are always happening. Believe it or not, I still have some info from CES that I want to write up. Still interesting stuff, so it should be worth reading. With luck, I'll get to it today.

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