Specs for Gulftown-based Core i7-970 leak out

Remember that six-core Core i7-970 processor we were talking about yesterday morning? The folks at Fudzilla have now gotten hold of more details, including the processor's clock speed and launch schedule.

Assuming the report is accurate, the Core i7-970 will run at 3.2GHz with a top per-core speed of 3.46GHz thanks to Turbo Boost. Intel will enable Hyper-Threading, which should fill Windows' Task Manager with 12 little green line graphs. Also, the CPU will have a 130W thermal envelope, just like the high-end Core i7-980X Extreme Edition is expected to.

According to Fudzilla, Intel will wait until the third quarter before releasing the Core i7-970. Since the rumor mill points to a March launch for the Core i7-980X, folks seeking a six-core Gulftown desktop CPU may initially have to bite the bullet and pay the premium for the Extreme Edition offering.

A separate report over at OCWorkbench echoes the third-quarter launch schedule for the Core i7-970, although it says that processor will actually have a base clock speed of 3.33GHz—unlikely, since the same report quotes the same speed for the i7-980X. Speaking of which, OCWorkbench expects the i7-980X to launch on March 16.

The OCWorkbench story also suggests Intel will introduce faster Lynnfield and Clarkdale processors in the second quarter. Those faster offerings will reportedly include a 3.06GHz Core i7-880, a 3.6GHz Core i5-680,and a 3.2GHz Core i3-550.

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