New Microsoft gaming keyboard lets you press 26 keys at once

A new Microsoft device is about to join the ranks of premium, programmable gaming keyboards. Due in March with a $59.95 price tag, the new SideWinder X4 Keyboard will bring gamers a full layout with macro keys, red backlighting, and if we're to believe Microsoft, "the industry's most advanced anti-ghosting technology."

How advanced, you might ask? Microsoft credits its Applied Sciences Group for the work, and it claims the technology allows the SideWinder X4 to register as many as 26 simultaneous key presses. (Extra cybernetic hands not included.)

In addition, the left side of the keyboard plays host to six macro keys and a switcher key, which will let users alternate between three different macro key "modes." Folks will be able to record macros on the fly in games and set them to repeat automatically. The SideWinder X4 software will also support application-specific profiles and automatically recognize opened applications or games.

Other perks include three brightness levels for the keyboard's red backlight (which Microsoft will also let you disable, of course), plus a three-year warranty. You can head to now to pre-order the device. (Thanks to Shacknews for the tip.)

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