2TB Samsung EcoGreen has four platters, costs $180

Here comes another four-platter 2TB hard drive, this time courtesy of Samsung. The Korean company has announced the EcoGreen F3EG, a 3.5-inch "high-performance environmentally-friendly HDD" that comes in 1.5TB and 2TB variants, each made up of high-density 500GB platters.

These products also have 16MB or 32MB of cache, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, and support for Native Command Queuing—pretty much what one would expect from drives with those kinds of capacities nowadays. Samsung doesn't quote spindle speeds, but considering the EcoGreen branding, the drives likely mirror Seagate Barracuda LP and Caviar Green hard drives in spinning their platters slower than 7,200 RPM to conserve energy.

Actually, Samsung claims the F3EG family achieves 40% lower idle power consumption and 10% lower seek power consumption than "competing drives." Power efficiency is evidently a key selling point here.

Samsung also says the 2TB F3EG is available in the United States and European Union with a $179.99 price tag, and it's not kidding. Newegg looks to have been quietly selling the drive for a little over a month now. The e-tailer charges exactly $179.99 with free shipping and quotes three years of warranty coverage. The handful of user reviews look quite positive, too.

At $179.99, the EcoGreen looks to be roughly in line with competing four-platter 2TB offerings. Seagate's 2TB 'cuda LP sells for the same price at Newegg, while WD has two 2TB Caviar Greens on offer: a $180 model and a newer $190 variant Newegg sells at a discount for $170. The latter has a 64MB cache, twice as much as the other drives.

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