Apple's iPad deemed a 'comedy gold mine'

The negative response that has followed the Apple iPad launch seems almost proportional to the amount of hype that preceded it. Some are now seizing the opportunity to poke fun at the new gadget—like the folks at CollegeHumor, who put together this little video:

The piece draws from the official iPad promo video, in which Apple executives emotionally praise the new tablet as a "magical," awe-inspiring, breakthrough type of product. (The video conveniently doesn't go into the lack of multitasking capabilities or the logistics of holding a tablet to watch a two-hour movie.)

If our latest poll is any indication, TR gerbils share the skepticism. Of course, this isn't the first Apple product to get that kind of response. When an expensive, Mac-only music player known as the iPod first launched in 2001, analysts were lukewarm, criticizing the device's $399 price tag and questioning whether Apple could make it in the consumer electronics business.

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