Corsair preps four new solid-state drives

The solid-state drive market is booming lately, and Corsair is no small part of that phenomenon. We've gotten information from the firm about four upcoming 2.5" Corsair SSDs, which are part of two different lineups called Reactor and Nova.

The two Reactor drives have capacities of 120GB and 60GB, top rated read speeds of 250MB/s, and maximum rated write speeds 170MB/s for the 120GB drive and 110MB/s for its lower-capacity sibling. Both drives also feature 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, mini-USB ports on the side, 128MB DDR2 caches, and two-year warranties. Corsair bills them as "the perfect balance of performance and value."

What about members of the the Nova series? Those are fairly similar, with 128GB and 64GB capacities and two-year warranty coverage. Their maximum 215MB/s read speed doesn't look quite as impressive, but they can purportedly achieve faster write speeds: up to 195MB/s for the 128GB drive and 130MB/s for the 64GB one. Corsair says Nova SSDs feature Indilinx Bigfoot storage controllers backed by 64MB of cache. No mini-USB ports here, though—only SATA.

You'll find images of the two drive families in the image gallery below. We're trying to get more details (including U.S. pricing) from Corsair. However, the folks at Fudzilla found some European listings, which suggest pricing of around €150-160 for both 60GB Reactor and 64GB Nova drives and around €300 for the 120-128GB offerings. We can usually get a decent idea of U.S. pricing by multiplying Euro prices by 1.2 and swapping the currency sign; that would give us $180-192 and $360, respectively.

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