Ugh. I need a new printer. My old HP multi-function printer/scanner/copier/fax is both decrepit and not fully supported in Vista or Win7, so I need to replace it with essentially the same thing. (And yes, faxes and paper copies are still somehow important to the operation of a small business.) Trouble is, I think The Oatmeal is right that printers were sent from Hell to make us miserable. Although my old printer is starting to fail, I'm not convinced getting a new one would be an upgrade. I just hate everything about the current sell-the-device-cheap and make-them-pay-in-blood-for-the-ink business model that dominates the market. I believe an inkjet printer is the right technology for our needs—we do like to print in color occasionally for the kids' school reports, for instance—but I'm contemplating switching to a laser just to avoid the inkjet business model.

Thing is, I really don't know that I could find what I need in a laser without paying through the nose. Color? Scanning and faxing? Hrm. So the question becomes: What is the least painful option available? Does someone make a decent multi-function inkjet with reasonable ink prices, or is there some laser printer that will do everything I need for well under a grand? I would be grateful for any input, especially from those who have faced a similar dilemma and survived.

Oh, and by the way, I continue tweeting occasionally, but with a sad and pathetic number of followers. If you follow me, you too can experience a special form of abuse and neglect only a handful of people now get to feel.

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