I'm closing in on the completion of testing for the last of 20 different processors to be included in our upcoming round-up. The Pentium 4 670 did indeed POST and run fine in our LGA775 motherboard, so it's going to be a part of our comparison, along with the Core 2 Quad Q6600, giving us a couple of nice reference points from the past.

However, including the Pentium 4 wasn't entirely a good idea, since the thing is slower than Adobe Flash. I'm running three or more benchmarks on the newer systems, including the humble Athlon II X2 255, during the span of time it takes the P4 670 to run one—and that's with reboots and post-boot cool-down time in between. Seriously, we may be looking at an additional day or two of testing just to get this processor through the suite. Should make our Gulftown comparisons interesting, at least.

I had conceived of taking this comparo back further by digging out some old hardware—and I may yet do it at some point in the future—but we'd have to scale back the test suite somehow, I think.

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