Radeon HD 5570 launches at $79-85

After outing the Radeon HD 5670 in January and the Radeon HD 5450 last week, AMD has now added a third sub-$100 graphics card to its DirectX 11 lineup. The new Radeon HD 5570 fits squarely between its two siblings with a $79-85 suggested price range, and it essentially brings a diluted version of the 5670's formula.

AMD based the Radeon HD 5570 on the same 40-nm Redwood graphics processor that powers the 5670. The company didn't disable any bits or pieces, so users will still get 400 stream processors, five texture units (for 20 texels/clock fill rate), two ROP units (for a total eight pixels per clock), and a 128-bit memory interface. However, the core clock speed has fallen from 775MHz to 650MHz, and instead of speedy 4Gbps GDDR5, AMD has limited the 5570's memory selection to 1.8Gbps DDR3.

As a result, floating-point number crunching power has fallen from 620 gigaFLOPS on the Radeon HD 5670 to 520 gigaFLOPS on the Radeon HD 5570, and memory bandwidth has dropped similarly from 64GB/s to just 28.8GB/s. These changes appear to have helped the 5570's power efficiency—AMD quotes a "typical" 38W at load, down from 61W. In turn, the reduced power consumption enables a half-height form factor and a smaller cooler. AMD tells us we could actually end up seeing passively cooled 5570s from some card vendors.

On the performance side of things, AMD claims the Radeon HD 5570 packs enough punch to hit 30 FPS in recent games, either at 1920x1080 or using a triple-monitor, 3840x1024 Eyefinity setup. Naturally, such feats should involve disabling some eye candy. You'll never run Crysis at 1920x1080 at the highest preset with antialiasing on a $79 graphics card... not this generation, anyway.

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