Latest Steam survey shows Intel, Nvidia dominating

As it tends to do every month, Valve has collected a slew of data about users connected to its Steam digital distribution service and shared it with the world. This latest data dump spans the month of January, and it likely provides a decent idea of what PC gamers are running these days.

Valve highlights the graphics and processor data, and there, both Nvidia and Intel continue to dominate AMD. GeForces capture 65% of the graphics pie, and Intel processors can be found in 69.1% of Steam users' PCs. Valve says almost a quarter (24%) of Steam systems now have four CPU cores, as well, while at the other end of the spectrum, only 18.1% of systems still pack good old single-core processors.

On the software side of things, Windows XP remains king with a 42.15% share. Surprisingly, Windows 7 x64 is the second-most popular choice with 19.5% of the installed base, followed by Windows Vista x86 with 19.1%.

The Steam Hardware Survey includes many other nuggets of information. For example, only about 2.2% of Steam users run multi-GPU configs, and over 90% of those have Nvidia graphics cards—so much for the prevalence of CrossFire support on Intel motherboards. AMD does however have the second-most-popular graphics family: the Radeon HD 4800 series, which is only second to Nvidia's GeForce 8800 lineup. (Thanks to Ars Technica for the link.)

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