Kingston adds TRIM-capable mainstream SSDs

Just over two weeks ago, we witnessed the launch of Kingston's second-gen, TRIM-enabled SSDNow V+ solid-state drives for enthusiasts. The company has now followed up with a second generation of SSDNow V drives, which brings TRIM support at somewhat more affordable price points.

Second-generation V-series SSDs are launching in three variants with 30GB, 64GB, and 128GB capacities, and Kingston also offers them as desktop and notebook upgrade bundles, like the one we reviewed last summer. Here's a little product matrix with Kingston's quoted performance numbers and prices that should help clarify things:

Drive Top seq. read speed Top seq. write speed  Price (bare) Price (notebook bundle) Price (desktop bundle)
SSDNow V 30GB 180 MB/s 50 MB/s  $109.99 N/A  $124.99
SSDNow V 64GB 200 MB/s 110 MB/s  $208.00  $216.00 $216.00
SSDNow V 128GB 200 MB/s 160 MB/s  $362.00  $377.00  $377.00

All three drives have 2.5" form factors, 300MB/s Serial ATA interfaces, and three years of warranty coverage. Kingston quotes a ship date of March 1 for the 30GB SSDNow V model in both its stand-alone and desktop bundle incarnations.

For reference, first-generation V-series SSDs only topped out at 100MB/s for sequential reads and 80MB/s for sequential writes, and Kingston charged $263 for the 128GB bundles. Without TRIM support, the first-gen drives' performance presumably dropped once users started deleting files and writing over previously occupied blocks, too.

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