Two more AMD-based Lenovo laptops due next month

Even after the launch of the Athlon Neo-powered ThinkPad X100e, Lenovo isn't done showing its newfound appreciation for AMD. The PC maker has announced two mainstream laptops and an all-in-one desktop all built around AMD CPUs and graphics hardware.

Lenovo will aim the G455 and G555 laptops at "mainstream customers," and it will outfit the systems with AMD Athlon or Turion processors and unspecified DirectX 10-class ATI graphics. These notebooks will also feature 16:9 wide screen displays, some Lenovo power management software, a "one-touch backup, repair and recovery tool," and cameras with facial recognition support. (Let's hope the Lenovo cameras do a better job than their HP counterparts with folks who aren't pasty white geeks.)

Look for G455 and G555 laptops in the U.S. next month with prices starting at $449. If these machines are anything like the current G450 and G550, they'll probably have 14" and 15.6" display sizes, respectively.

A shot of the G455. Source: Lenovo.

Meanwhile, the C315 all-in-one desktop will have a 20" touch-screen display with a 16:9 aspect ratio, and Lenovo will build it with a dual-core Athlon processor, 4GB of RAM, and Mobility Radeon graphics. Pricing will start at $649 when the C315 reaches U.S. shores in April.

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