Compaq-branded smartbook to debut in Europe, Latin America

Even the world's biggest PC vendor has now embraced the smartbook concept—somewhat cautiously, at least. Engadget reports that HP has introduced the Compaq Airlife 100, a 10.1" laptop with an ARM processor and Android operating system, ahead of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device is hitting European and Latin American markets in partnership with mobile operator Telefónica.

According to the HP press release, the Airlife 100 has a touch-screen display, a 16GB solid-state drive, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, a 92% keyboard, a VGA camera, and 12 hours of battery life (or 10 days if you leave the machine on standby). Engadget surmises that the system includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon applications processor, as well.

Physically speaking, the Airlife 100 looks for all the world like another one of HP's Mini netbooks, albeit perhaps with a thinner profile (and, you know, the Compaq branding). Engadget has put together a little image gallery with PR photos of the system.

This announcement comes a little over a month after Lenovo unveiled a similar smartbook, the Skylight, which has a 10" form factor, 1GHz Snapdragon, and custom user interface. Unlike HP, Lenovo announced right off the bat that its smartbook will be available at AT&T stores stateside with a data plan. Quoted pricing was $499.

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