Deal of the week: A 60GB SSD for $169 (or $129 after rebate)

Solid-state drives just keep on getting cheaper, it seems. After last month's sale on the new Intel X25-V, Newegg has now taken OCZ's 60GB Agility Series solid-state drive from its regular price of $239 to only $169 shipped. That's already a nice deal, but you can bring the price down further to $129 if you feel like trying your luck with the mail-in rebate (and waiting a few weeks).

The Agility brand denotes OCZ's mainstream SSD family. All Agility drives have 2.5" form factors, multi-level-cell flash memory, 64MB of cache, three years of warranty coverage, and as far as we can tell, Indilinx Barefoot controllers. OCZ says the 60GB model in particular can hit peak transfer rates of 230MB/s for reads and 135MB/s for writes. Sustained writes are a little slower at 80MB/s, but that's still quicker than what your typical 2.5" mechanical hard drive can churn out.

$129 for 60GB might not seem that cheap by mechanical standards, but remember Intel's 80GB X25-M sells for $299.99 shipped. Provided the mail-in rebate is honored, you could get two of the OCZ drives for only $258, or $42 cheaper than the lone X25-M. You could run those two Agility drives could in a RAID 0 setup, which would provide a seamless 120GB of storage capacity and likely boost performance.

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