"Bad IP address www.microsoft.com"

Microsoft is having some DNS problems that are causing quite a stir throughout the net. Wired is reporting that some Microsoft web sites are down due to problems with their own DNS servers. This isn't a case of anyone hacking in and mucking around, rather 'internal difficulty' is the cause.
A Microsoft network administrator working on the problems said that Wednesday was "the worst day of my professional life." He requested that his name not be used.

"DNS servers have outages, it's a fact of life. I've been through it before and I'd bet so has every network administrator of a major business," he said. "You always have to scramble to fix them. You work like crazy while people bellow 'Why aren't we up yet?' But knowing that the eyes of millions are upon you and wondering why you aren't up yet either adds a very special and sharp edge to what we're going through here today.

At the time of writing microsoft.com is still down, if the problems are internal there's no telling how long this could take to fix.
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