Metro 2033 to have DirectX 11 eye candy

We've already written a little bit about Metro 2033, a post-apocalyptic shooter from little-known Ukrainian studio 4A Games. As it turns out, the game has support for DirectX 11—and a whole batch of official screenshots showing the new eye candy in high resolution has made it onto Flickr.

We've uploaded the images in our gallery below. If you don't mind waiting for 3MB+ shots to load, the Flickr gallery includes lossless PNG versions of the same images, as well.

According to Shacknews, Metro 2033 publisher THQ claims the game will feature "the most advanced DX11 techniques yet seen." Those techniques will include "advanced" depth-of-field effects and "full" tessellation on character models. As you can see in the composite image above, hard polygon edges indeed look almost entirely absent from the characters. Shacknews says the title will also support Nvidia's PhysX and GeForce 3D Vision technologies.

Metro 2033 is scheduled to debut for the PC and Xbox 360 on March 16. As we noted last month, the game will take place in the subway network of a post-apocalyptic Moscow. You can check out video trailers here at Shackvideo.

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