Processor posturing

Intel and AMD are looking to shake up the processor market over the coming weekend according to a couple of stories at The Register. Slash is the word of the day for Intel as they're looking to cut prices by up to 40%. P4s will be dropping about 20%, the 1GHz PIII drops a whopping 42%, and Celerons are looking at 20-30% drops among other price cuts through the PC and mobile lines.

AMD, on the other hand, is rumored to ship a 1.3GHz version of its Thunderbird processor Monday. Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, as will the part's retail availability. However, if the rumor is true, the P4 will have some fair MHz competition at 1.3GHz with the T-Bird giving it a very thorough spanking.

It's worthwhile to note that I saw the story on price cuts first at CNet, but I refuse to link them until they get rid of the massive flash ads they've got going. ZDNet appears to be suffering the same ugly, resource-sapping disease; unfortunate and hopefully not a sign of things to come. Suffice to say you'll never see that kind of stuff here. Imagine if you will, a "Shock the monkey," three times its current size - nasty indeed.

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