OCZ formally announces Vertex LE SSDs

Following last month's pre-launch retail appearance, OCZ Technology has made its Vertex LE family official. These 2.5" solid-state drives are launching in 100GB and 200GB flavors, and they should become available in the coming weeks, although OCZ intends to offer them for a short period of time only—hence the Limited Edition suffix.

OCZ says it based the Vertex LE on a "cutting-edge new architecture," more or less confirming the reports that pointed to newfangled SandForce controllers. Vertex LE SSDs can purportedly reach top transfer speeds of 270MB/s while reading and 250MB/s while writing. Top sustained writes max out at 235MB/s, and OCZ's spec sheet quotes 15,000 IOPS for random 4K writes. That's pretty quick even by SSD standards.

Also on the menu for this new product line: multi-level-cell flash memory, 300MB/s Serial ATA connectivity, TRIM support with Windows 7, and three-year warranty coverage.

OCZ's announcement doesn't divulge pricing, but it doesn't have to; Amazon has already put up U.S. listings for both the 100GB and 200GB drives. The former is up for pre-order at $439.99 with free shipping, and you'll be asked to cough up just under $920 for the latter.

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